Welcome, I’m Kristen!

You know the saying, ‘Home is where the heart is’? Well, I believe a home should not only be filled with love, cleaner, and non-toxic, but also care for our beautiful planet!

I am a firm believer in starting right where you are.

I’ll show you simple, achievable steps that’ll transform your space into a healthier, cozier, and most importantly, more sustainable place to live.

Kudos to taking steps towards a non-toxic and green home.

In our grandmother’s days, everything was made from scratch and by hand.

But honey, we’re far from our old-school Nana’s world.

Yet, I found myself craving simpler times – a simpler lifestyle, the non-toxic, clean things that are good for me.

Yet as i google non toxic or eco friendly… advertisements about “new and revolutionary” sustainable products end up being more confusing than useful.

That’s why i won’t just bombard you with countless product reviews …i am all about starting small, making little changes and embracing a more natural and cleaner approach.

This space is your ultimate guide to understanding what an “eco-friendly home” truly means.

I’ll share actionable tips to motivate, empower, and guide you to make informed choices.

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Email: PR@anationofmoms.com